A Blessing and a Curse – Tracking Irrigation Parts

Landscape Business Management Software by Mike Martinez

Tracking parts the parts that your field crew are using is a challenging task. Tracking small, low cost irrigation parts during the busiest time of the year can sometimes feel downright impossible. Beyond the logistics, it can be difficult to get your team to understand the importance of tracking parts that they know only cost […]

Empowering Your Field Team With Technology

Landscape Management Software Team

Many mobile Apps that are created for service companies are based on a per user fee. These fees, of $50 or more per user per month typically, create one thought in the mind of the company owner,What employees are we going to limit this to?‚ amazing but the upfront cost of the per user model […]

Irrigation Tech Explains How He Uses Cappsure

Software For Irrigation Services

Isaac Ruiz, an Irrigation Tech with Newtex Landscape, explains how Cappsure has helped him with his job (Spanish w/ English subtitles). Cappsure was designed for team members to be able to create reports directly from the field. With a picture based inventory, Cappsure is easy to learn. httpss://youtu.be/Jcdu9VSQUcU Recent Posts Cappsure and Irrigator Tech Announce […]

Introducing Technology to ESL Employees

App For Landscape Field Service

The premise of using field based technologies is to add efficiency, solve problems in the field where they happen and communicate internally and externally as quickly as possible. Information from the field, and being able to respond quickly, is integral to our success as landscapers. Sadly, many companies do not believe that their field employees are capable of using […]

Why My Techs Create Their Own Proposals

Until very recently, on a typical day my Irrigation Techs would get a call from a Maintenance Crew in the field, explaining that a valve was broken. The Techs would then get in their vehicle and spend on average 20 minutes of‚ windshield time‚ to go out and investigate the issue. They would check the […]