Maintenance Punchlists – Part 1

Cappsure enables any Property Manager or Field Team Leader, to quickly generate a punchlist of activities that need to be completed on a property. These can be billable or non-billable services that require some type of resolution.

With the Work Order Module, Cappsure users can:

  • Walk a property
  • Identify an issue or multiple issues
  • Drop a pin on a GPS map of the property
  • Attach notes or pictures to that pin
  • Give that particular pin/task a priority level (High, Medium, Low)
  • Assign that specific task to a specific individual
  • …and repeat.

Create a Punchlist from the Field

Watch our Head of Product, Mukesh, create a simple Maintenance Punchlist below:

Assign and Reassign a Punchlist Item from the Field

Once a Work Order has been created the assignment of that Work Order can be quickly and easily changed. Watch Mukesh walk throough the assignment and reassignment of a Work Order from a mobile device below:

Read Part 2 of our Maintenance Punchlists post: 

Maintenance Punchlists – Part 2

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