2022 New Releases and Features

Mobile Checklists, Inspections, Dashboard Features, and Adding Attachments… More Simple, Powerful Field Reporting What’s new? Cappsure’s real-time mobile Inspection and Checklist reports. We’ve developed some new & easy field reporting features with you in mind. In October, Cappsure rolled out its easiest field reporting tools to date with these extremely simple, user-friendly app features. Customizing […]

It’s a Great Time To Improve Communication with Clients. (Think Automation)

Covid 19 has created a new normal for most businesses going forward.But business interruption events like this, present opportunities hidden in the challenges. To find those opportunities look to solid business fundamentals like communication, service standards, operation enhancements thru technology, pricing, or new product & services. Enhancing communication with clients is always a good thing! […]

Revolutionize your Landscaping Business

business management app for landscapers

Running a profitable landscape company isn’t always about just getting the job done. That is rather the easiest part of the trade. Most business owners know that a lot more goes into operating a landscaping company that is successful as well as profitable – how a worker or office employee goes from one place to […]

Sharing a Field Report in Cappsure

Sometimes Cappsure users may want to share a Field Report with a customer, vendor or possibly internal team member, without the need for them to log into Cappsure. The video below provides one option for sharing any Field Report within Cappsure regardless of the completion stage – from Un-submitted Maintenance Reports to Pending Work Orders, […]