Cappsure and Irrigator Tech Announce New Business Partnership

 Cappsure Named the “Official App of the Irrigator Tech Community”


March 12, 2018 – What do you get when you combine a top Irrigation Certification organization with an easy to use mobile field app? Well the answer was clear for Ontario, California based Irrigator Tech training school and its owner Richard Daigle.

“Our certification programs prepare attendees on how to be more professional and grow their business. When I saw Cappsure’s mobile App in action, it was clear to me that introducing our members to tools like Cappsure is consistent with our goal to help them be more successful – and it’s that much more powerful because of how easy the App is to use,” explained Daigle.

Quote by Richard Daigle

Daigle’s Irrigator Tech company provides educational and certification programs for irrigation techs, backflow techs and landscape companies throughout the United States. Information related to all courses can be found at the Irrigator Tech Training School: www.irrigatortech.com.

“The power of Cappsure is its ability to easily create reports from the field. You can account for parts that are used, by marking the location of that part on a GPS map and include additional details, notes and photographs into a report in seconds,” explained Mike Martinez, President and founder of Cappsure. “Many operators and techs often overlook frequently used parts that are assumed to be “giveaways”, and most busy companies fail to account for these “giveaway” parts on any given day. Cappsure makes it simple to track all those small parts for billing.”

Daigle’s Irrigator Tech will be integrating Cappsure’s field technology into a number of select workshops throughout the year that are focused on leveraging technology for business growth and accountability. Irrigator Tech members will receive a discounted subscription to use Cappsure.

Included within this targeted outreach will be municipal government employees tasked maintaining public parks and spaces often while overseeing multiple contractors and internal staff in an effort to understand what tasks were accomplished each day.

“Our training is very hands on with a focus on how to successfully operate in the field. The field is where everything happens,” explained Daigle. “Work days in our industry are non-stop with endless things to do. The challenges of having to hand write notes at the job site, or waiting until you are back at the office or at home at the end of the day to try and pull together a report and accepting “giveaways” do not have to be our reality. We see field App Cappsure as an integral tool for future of workforce efficiency in our industry.”


In 2001 Richard Daigle established the Irrigator Technical Training School. Irrigator Tech offers classes with certification in areas that include Back Flow, Irrigation Auditor, Irrigation Repair, Irrigation Installer, and Pond Technician. These classes are offered to cities, schools, government agencies, business owners, property managers, municipalities, and maintenance companies. His mission is to assist all “irrigators” in achieving their goals with a better understanding and knowledge of the industry and raise their individual level of performance.



Mike Martinez is owner and president of Newtex Landscape Inc.  Mike is also a founder of Cappsure – a mobile field app especially created for the landscaping community. For more information go to www.home.cappsure.com  or reach Mike directly at mike.martinez@cappsure.com

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